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TRANCE E+2 PRO occasion de 2021


          VAE GIANT TRANCE E X+2 PRO 2021​ ​ ​

The SyncDrive Pro motor offers 85Nm of torque and 400% adjustable support. The lightweight and durable ALUXX SL aluminum frame features 140mm of rear suspension travel (with 150mm up front) and a flip chip that lets you adjust the frame geometry. 625W battery.

Size available: M / L / XL

New 5500€ Sold: 3200€

VAE GIANT FATHOM E+1 PRO semi-rigid 2021

The Fathom E+ Pro 29 is developed around an ALUXX SL frame and an accessible and comfortable geometry. It now features the new EnergyPak Smart 625Wh battery for longer range and remains compatible with our additional 250Wh EnergyPak Plus battery. 

Available sizes: S / M / L

2 600 € sold: 990 €
giant fathom e+1 pro 625w de 2021

VAE GIANT TRANCE E X+2 PRO tout-suspendu 2023​ ​


Le moteur SyncDrive Pro offre 85 Nm de couple et un support réglable à 400 %. Le cadre en aluminium ALUXX SL léger et durable présente un débattement de suspension arrière de 140 mm (avec 150 mm à l'avant) et un système qui vous permet d'ajuster la géométrie du cadre. Batterie 625W.

Taille disponible : S / M / L / XL.

Garantie 2 ans

2699.00 sold: 600.00


The 24" e-track is the perfect mountain bike for learning about electric bikes, making technical routes, and following parents everywhere. Indeed, its Shimano motor and battery give it great autonomy and enough power to overcome all obstacles. 

From 8 years old 1m35 to 1m45. 504W battery. 10 speeds.

629.00 Sold: 490.00
TRANCE E+3 POWER 2020.png

VAE GIANT TEMPT E+1 semi-rigide 2021 


Le moteur SyncDrive Pro offre 50 Nm de couple   Batterie 500W.

Taille disponible : XS.

Garantie 1 an

neuf 2490€ vendu occasion : 1490€

53 allée du sporting

74120 MEGEVE

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